Monday, March 30, 2009

$5.00 Challenge- Spring is in the air.

I love a challenge !! There is nothing like it to get your creative juices flowing. around my house I am known as the "Queen of Cheap" , ",ooooppp's, DD's says I am supposed to say "frugal". I'm also known as the "Queen Junk Collecter

The rules for the challenge are to create something with our own two hands using only products found at the dollar store combined with items we already had around our homes. Not a problem for this frugal mom.
Spring is in the air in Texas so of course birdhouses and Easter are foremost on my mind.

I couldn't stop at just one project. I am on a roll. So I did 3
projects using items I had around the house
with a few extra treasures I found
at where else but Dollar Tree.

These are the supplies I used for the eggs.
I started with little birdhouses (from the Dollar Tree),a candle stick holder (another Dollar Tree purchase ),a little bit of my favorite white primer ( I always have that on hand,can't live without it) and went to town. If any of you know me I love roses... and they have to be Pink and they show up on everything. The dog runs when he sees me coming.

I started out priming them with my favorite white primer/paint.
Next came the roses.
Once the painting was done the fun began.
The roofs are covered in my favorite glitter
(another house staple).
Only the finest will do.
Next came the glue gun...
and the stands (candle stick holders)
and organza bows were added.
Whalaa, they are done.

Now for the egg holder for the Easter Bunny
Everyone knows he can't lay that many eggs
Of course he has to shop at Kroger's,LOL.
Out came the primer... again.
Gotta love that stuff.
I started out priming the inside
and out of the egg carton and the eggs
with my favorite white

Here they come ..... Yep, you guessed it.
More Roses.
Very Victorian, Vintage
and Shabby Chic.
If I do say so myself.

Yes, I did it all for $5.00.
Can you believe it ?
Egg Carton- .88¢
(we had deviled eggs)
Birdhouse - $1.00- Dollar Tree
Plastic Eggs- $1.00 - Dollar Tree
Everything else was from my
Be sure to stop by to see all the other delightful creations everyone has made.

Of course if you can't make them I have more on sale at my website:
Ribbons Roses and More


Songbirdtiff said...

Very pretty!

Thanks for sharing!

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

Linda ~ I love everything you have posted today! What great frugal ways to create something beautiful, now if I could paint like you, I might consider trying it ~~ otherwise are these for sale on your website?? I would love to have one of each ~ thanks for sharing your beautiful "frugal creations"!

Have a "Rosey Pink" Day!


boylerpf said...

Oh if only I had an ounce of that talent! Very nice!

Linda said...

Ah,Ms.Mimi,You know me, I have more over on my website at

Small House said...

Very pretty!! Thanks for sharing this!

Sarah said...

very pretty! Well done!

Gone Overboard said...

so cute!

Holly said...

Wow, you are very talented! Adorable.

Boss said...

Hi, I found your blog from Lindsay's challenge, and just had to comment on your beautiful birdhouses. Wow!

Every time we go to the dollar store, my 4-year-old son wants to bring home another one of those wooden birdhouses. If I could turn them into something as beautiful as that, I might say "yes" more often!

Living with Lindsay said...

Oh, wow! Those are great!! You are so creative...and a wonderful artist to boot. Good job!

Michelle said...

I am REALLY impressed! Everything is so beautiful for only $5.00!!!

Liz said...

Linda they came out wonderful creative lady!!!

Kelly Maria said...

Hi Linda,
Thank You for paying me a visit. What I used at the bottom of the birdcages is upholstery cording.

I love your blog!! You so have a artist touch!

Hope to visit with you again soon!!

Caroline said...

I love the roses. I admit, I don't think DP could stand them in any quanity (We'll see) but I do love roses in a cottage style.

abnsigoslady said...

I love the little bird houses. You are sto talented. Laura @ the mansion

Tami said...

My 6 yr. old daughter and I absolutely love these birdhouses. They are beautiful! You have a wonderful talent in painting.

katkeen said...

Wow, this are super cute!!! You are very talented!!!!!