Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Waste Your Time

I recieved this in a newsletter and thought I would share :

Why Waste Your Time

40% of worry will never happen, for anxiety is the result of a tired mind.
30% of worry concerns old decisions which cannot be altered.
12% of worry centers in criticism, mostly untrue, made by people who feel inferior.
10% or worry is related to my health which worsens while I worry.
Only 8% of worry is "legitimate," showing that life does have real problems which may be met head-on when I have eliminated senseless worries.

Have a blessed day.


boylerpf said...

Oh so true...good post and one to really live by.

Couture de Papier said...

Thank You!!

Xazmin said...

This is so good for me to hear! I am such a worrier!


Tami said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to pass this on to some family members who I think should really read this.