Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where has the time gone ?

Ever feel like when you take one step forward you go 3 steps backwards ?

That's how things have been going around here lately. At least life is never boring. I finally got the picture taken of the angel for the posting prize. And surprise.... I'm going to send and angel to all 3 ladies that posted before the contested end . Just give me time to get boxes and a chance to get them in the mail. Hopefully, that will happen this week.

I've been busy this week with all the home health care visitors but I'm hoping to get a few new things up on the site. Be sure to check your mailbox for a newsletter and a special back to school offering. If you haven't signed up for the mailing list now is the time to do it. I'm working as fast and furious as possible to get new Christmas items up.

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